How to Become an eCommerce Specialist (Complete Guide)

When I received my eCommerce master’s degree (that was a long time ago), eCommerce was much different than today. eCommerce is now a trillion-dollar industry and while everything else has changed since then, one thing that remained constant is the need for good eCommerce specialists.

As small and large companies continue to transition online, eCommerce Specialists are becoming increasingly important.

In this guide, you’ll learn what an eCommerce expert is, what does it do, what skills are needed to start a career in eCommerce, and how much money eCommerce specialists make per year.

What does an eCommerce Specialist do?

An eCommerce specialist is responsible for the design and execution of an eCommerce marketing strategy to promote the products and services of online businesses using all available marketing channels.

Imagine this:

You’re a business owner who decides to sell your products online.

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