How To Market Your Small Business SEO Services

You love SEO, and you know that there is a market out there who would be clamoring for the services that you can offer. You decide to start your small business SEO services, and now you need to market it to gain clients.

The potential of making it big in the SEO industry is quite intriguing. You can start your agency and work with top clients and sell your agency to a competitor for a 7 figure amount.

Your love for SEO should translate to learning everything that you can about SEO. SEO is a complicated process for many, but with the proper study, it is easy to understand.

You can put up a learning site where you can practice your skills in SEO. This is part of the learning process for your small SEO business and learning from mistakes can be handy in the future.

From the start, you also need to choose what type of SEO strategy you will focus on doing. Are you going to use short-term black hat SEO tactics or go for the more difficult white hat strategies?

You can do SEO either ethically and unethically. Choose which side you are on. If you want to build a long-term and sustainable business, then white hat should be the best choice.

The vast business empires like Amazon and Walmart did not build their business on spammy content and paid backlinks but on credibility and trust.

Where you market your SEO business can speak a ton about your company when it comes to first impressions.

Think about your brand when you look for clients via freelancer sites like Upwork compared to having your own paid ad campaign or content marketing campaign.

Are you ok if you are always looking for clients and sending proposals?

Do you want clients to come to you by attracting them by ads and content?

Your budget will dictate the strategy that you will implement here. If you can put up a professional website and pay for ads, then you should go for it.

However, if budget is limited, you can keep things simple and start building once client’s start coming in.

You need to be smart when doing your outreach marketing tactics. Doing cold calls or sending cold emails to random prospects can be useful but you should do it with a personal touch.

Again research first before sending stuff out. Personalize your pitch and don’t make it sound like you are blasting a generic message to an extensive contact list.

In looking for potential clients, you can search for contacts using key terms on LinkedIn. Once profiles that match your keyword pops up, you can send a personalized message offering your services.

Reaching out to clients is better than waiting for them to come to you. This is not about cold calls or emails but focusing on referrals from former clients.

A personal pitch says a lot about your business. It sends a message that you have done your research and spent much time in studying the prospect’s situation and proposing a solution to their current needs.

Educating your clients about the value of your SEO services can help build your brand. Some companies use tech-speak which most people don’t understand. Try to explain everything in a way even your 6-year-old child can understand.

Once your client understands why he needs your services and realizes that he is getting what he paid for, you have just earned a long-term customer who can refer more clients.

Simplifying everything for your client shows that you are an expert at what you do and that you have invested the time to offer a personalized solution for their business success.

Starting a small SEO business can be fulfilling especially when you have satisfied clients who thank you for your services and refer you to so many new clients.

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