SEO for Images: A Complete Guide (With Checklist)

Images are important for SEO. A recent study that analyzed in detail 1 million Google search results concluded that web pages with at least one image had better rankings than content with no images.

In this Image SEO Guide, you will learn how to SEO your images for greater visibility in Search Engines.

Besides their SEO value, images and other media elements (videos, audio) are vital to your content’s success for a number of other reasons.

SEO Benefits from using images in your content

  1. They make your content more interesting and this means visitors are more likely to actually read your article. It is not a surprise that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content with out.
  2. Your readers are more likely to share a page with image(s) in social media and the shared post has more changes of getting more social media attention than plain text posts.

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