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WordPress Plugin Exposes Websites… Is Yours One of Them?

This week: yet another vulnerability in a WordPress plugin, more marketing tools from Facebook, and consumers really like to

Entity Building & Google’s Knowledge Graph – Ep. 240 via @sejournal, @Juxtacognition

Have you claimed your Google Knowledge Panel?

Have you built out the entity of your company in the way that Google can understand who you are and differentiate between you and your competitors?

Jason Barnard, founder & CEO of

The Three Bosses of SEO

While search marketers can get bogged down worrying about high quality content, successful link building strategies, and technically sound sites, when it comes to SEO, we need to take a step back and look at the what and why in order to get

5 Reasons Why Avoiding Plagiarism is Necessary for SEO

5 Reasons Why Avoiding Plagiarism is Necessary for SEORead Complete Article Here [...]

How to Create the Highest Converting Landing Page in Your Industry

Creating a landing page is easy.

Creating a high converting landing page that persuades a one-time visitor to become a lifetime customer, on the other hand,

Web Accessibility Myths: Debunking 7 Common Misconceptions

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

The laws and best practices around website accessibility can seem forbiddingly is Available for Purchase. Learn more by clicking the button here:

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