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Facebook Lead Ads: Your Next Critical Lead Generation Strategy

There’s one critical Facebook lead generation strategy that not enough people are taking advantage of. For businesses that regularly run

What is the Google SERP? Rank High on The Search Engine Results Page

Google SERP means: “SERP stands for Search Engine Results page. This refers to the pages of results that are returned when someone does a search in a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or other.”

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant? (And How to Find the Right One)

You’ve heard of digital marketing consulting.

You may even have a vague idea of what it entails. But for many, “consultant” is thrown around as an umbrella term for anything and everything.

So in this article, I’ll answer all

Google SEO Algorithm Update History Timeline (Updated Daily)

Google is consistently updating its algorithm to ensure it is serving up the most relevant and secure pages for visitors.

This page covers all of the Google

Breaking Digital Marketing News (Updated Every Friday)

Digital Marketing News 10/25/2021 – 10/29/2021

This week: Instagram lets you share links in Stories, another WordPress plugin vulnerability affects a million sites, and it’s earnings season!


WordPress Plugin Exposes Websites… Is Yours One of Them?

This week: yet another vulnerability in a WordPress plugin, more marketing tools from Facebook, and consumers really like to is Available for Purchase. Learn more by clicking the button here:

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